Saturday, 6 December 2008

Home from Home

A good coffee shop or tea room should be, ideally, a really comfortable 'Home from Home'. Brophy's used to be such a place. I've rarely ventured in there for many a month now. However, I met up with Lou the other day. She told me although the coffee is much improved, the food is still a bit "over priced and indifferent". I thought I would go into Brophy's and test the quality of the coffee for myself. But then this morning I met Simon and he told me not to bother - poor quality coffee.

After our bridge class this week we all piled into the Tudor Rose Restaurant for lunch. I was really impressed. I only had a jacket potato but others had roast beef or chicken. It looked really appetising. The cost was modest. I'll certainly go there again.


Stinking Billy said...

Penny, if Blogger gets his eye on this post you might find it (and you) getting the order of the boot. Blogger, along with certain other org's, including my ISP, does not support spam in the form of advertising and promoting goods for sale. In fact, if you don't publish a photo of yourself by the end of this week I will be forced to shop you to them! ;-)

ladythinker said...

ST Billy - I LOVE it when you come over all forcefull - I'll see what I can do - but you may have to give me till the end of the year. It's a pretty busy time of year for us women. . . with only 2 weeks to Christmas and all . .
I'll get back to you soon. 8-) xx