Thursday, 11 December 2008

White Van Man

I don't often stop for coffee in Honiton. I'm usually too busy doing tasks at the bank and the shops. I don't linger as I'm inclined to do when I go to Sidmouth. But it was so cold on Monday I stopped off at Montgomery's coffee shop for a cappucinno and a free read of a newspaper. It was a welcome liesurely time and I decided I should stop more often rather than haring around town and then rushing straight home. I decided to be lazy for a couple of days and called in to buy some chilled dinners from M&S. Driving home I was thinking how pleasurable the morning had been.

On the way home on a narrow village road I clashed with a large white van. I'd thought he was parked. So I indicated, pulled out and went by it on the right hand side of the road. As I started to pull in front of the van I heard a loud bump and a grinding scrape. I'm sure that large white van man pulled away without checking his blind spot. I extricated myself from his bumper and reversed to pull up behind him. I was relieved to see the driver behind me was still there. So quickly shot out of my car to ask him what he had seen. But that small white van man who had followed me all the way from Honiton said he 'hadn't seen anything' and drove away. Hmmm.

As large white van man and I exchanged details he claimed he wasn't parked. He also said that he hadn't seen me at all until I was reversing ! He was not a local delivery driver. Yet he knew the name of the street we were in. I'm local and have never known the name of the road. It's just the road to and from Honiton as far as I'm concerned. If he hadn't parked to deliver to a nearby house then I am convinced he had paused to look at Sat Nav [or answer a mobile phone call] and pulled away without checking. As it is I have no proof.

Bloody White Van Drivers.

I'm going to request that Santa send me a CCTV system for front, sides and rear of the car.


Stinking Billy said...

penny, I have pointed out to Mrs Billy more than once, out on the roads, the antics and speed of WV drivers. She is converted and now warns me when she sees one in the vicinity. It is generalisation to the point of irrationality, surely, but the buggers insist on flying their flag everywhere we go. They clearly revel in their reputation and should all have their driving licences taken from them! Ooh, it's lovely cosying up to you!

Henry North London said...

Van drivers are the scourge of the earth

merry weather said...

Not all van drivers Henry. Some of us are careful. And considerate.

Bad luck Lady T!

Anonymous said...

Aww I sure hope that your insurance will cover the damage?
I hate drivers who don't pay attention and then try to blame YOU!!!
Hope that it all works out!