Saturday, 20 December 2008

Snap Shots

There are pictures, photographs and snap shots. There are cameras, digi cameras, DSLR cameras, compact cameras and mobile phone cameras. I have most of them it seems. No one camera will do all I want it to. I have a lovely Fuji Finepix E550 which has enough features and the chance to use it in manual control to keep me happy. But this year I found it wanting one way or another.

We had a few friends celebrating their milestone birthdays and an anniversary. Birthdays: two at 70 years, one at 60 years, one at 50 years and one couple their 40th wedding anniversary. I found the Fuji Finepix just a wee bit too cumbersome to fit neatly into my handbag which is very small with just enough room for a very large purse, a mobile phone and a comb. I like to travel light. Especially if I'm trying to enjoy a drink and a few nibbles at a party.

The autumnal colours in Devon have been so spectacular this year. But I found the lens on the Fuji was just not wide enough to take the stunning landscapes that I wanted to record. So I have been looking around for a compact camera. I fell in love with a cheap n cheerful girly pink Fuji Finepix Z20 which will be perfect for snaps of friends at party events. At less than £100 I bought one. It will slip easily into a coat pocket and can go anywhere with me. Very convenient.

Now I need to decide on a compact camera for wide angle travel/landscape shots. I'm wondering about a Panasonic Lumix. Any suggestions, advice, comments or views gratefully accepted.


Debstar said...

Hi there Penny,
My husband has a Cannon which never lets us down. I have an Olympic but it is a bit hit an miss when it comes to nighttime shots. If I had my way I would buy a Cannon.

Stinking Billy said...

penny, this post was aimed directly at me and has my head spinning, as you knew it would. x

ladythinker said...

Thanks Debstar. i must admit i love a Canon Powershot I handled recently.

St Billy - you are getting paranoid now . . .

merry weather said...

I am a point and press photographer unfortunately, so have nothing constructive to add.

Anyway, Merry Christmas dear Lady T!

I do like visiting your pink pages. If I'm an infrequent visitor, it's only because I'm short of time to do so.

Might have guessed you were a Milly-Molly-Mandy fan :-)


toby said...

Greets of the Season to you too, lady thinker! No Boxing Day yomp along the River Otter for me this year, I'm staying buried in the noise and filth of the city.

Hope your 2009 is better than the economic experts are predicting! (I intend to make the best of it, 'cos I reckon 2010 will be far, far worse!)

I've just realised it's Xmas Eve! Wahay! Where's that corkscrew? :)))

ladythinker said...

It's good to hear from the 2 of you. Glad you called in . . Thank you.x x

sexy said...