Monday, 24 November 2008

General Election

It looks as if there's going to be a General Election early in 2009. Darling Alistair has announced that pensioners and families will receive their bribes from January. The planned increases in vehicle excise duty are now to be delayed until 2010. VAt to be reduced by2.5% till the end of 2009. It all sounds to me as if they are keen to have an election before the recession really takes hold.

I'm still trying to understand how 'growth' of the economy can be forecast as a negative figure. Wouldn't that make it the opposite to 'growth' - death of the economy?

George Osborne could do with some voice coaching. I thought he sounded very shrill this afternoon.

Alistair was sporting a new recession proof haircut. That is, to cut it really short to make the hairdo last longer. Or maybe his hair is falling out with all his financial worries?


Stinking Billy said...

Penny, I won't pretend to be interested in politics, but I just have to keep coming back to watch beautiful Ursula Undress. You don't fool me, I *know* it's you. ;-)

ladythinker said...

Ah, I've been rumbled . . .

In fact I have heard that Ursula is a Croydon gal.

For anyone else who wants to see an unusual undressing lady then look at post ""