Saturday, 7 June 2008

For Pianists Everywhere

I'm so impressed to learn from MerryWeather's latest blog that she plays the piano.

However much I like and admire Merryw I bet she is nowhere as cute a pianist as Nora. I just love Nora's relaxed style of playing. I admire the fact that although there are a few off -key notes she continues with unabated enthusiasm. I think the best example of her work is at the beginning of the duet with Betsy Student. A concert of her full repertoire can be viewed here on this video.


rilly super said...

OK, well if nobody else is going to do it I'll do the 'ah ha, I do love Depussy' joke

thank you very much, you've been a wonderful audience

Can Bass 1 said...

On the contrary, the cat seems more talented than our cathedral organist

merry weather said...

Lady T, I've been here for ages and just when I pressed the publish button, my laptop switched off...

I was trying to say that from your comment, I was expecting Les Dawson or such like - !

Nora is sweet! And very talented. I had a cat just like her when I first learned to "play" the piano - just imagine, if she'd been half as good as Nora, I could have been in recital at the Albert Hall by now... Alas, fate refused me!

I like the way Betsy impersonates a cat to improve communication - great blinking :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Thinker,

I just popped over to your blog, catching up with finding out who all the people are who have left comments on my blog over the past few days.

I am *amazed* to find I am your June blog selection already *and* you've kinda come up with a better name for my blog than I had already.

"Fats of Life" -- I clicked on it wondering "who's that?" only to find out it was me myself !!!!

Thanks so much!

Best wishes,

lady thinker said...

Oh Rilly, you are a real pun expert, a punchy punctillious pundit. Thanks for calling in.

Hello Can Bass 1 - perhaps you should drop the hedral and just get the cat. Nice to meet you - I popped over to yours before I replied - you can't be too careful nowadays. I used to be in the school choir but I think I was only taken on to stand and fill in a gap in the back row - I was very tall.

Merryw how nice to see you - I don't care how long you stay - I just regret I couldn't give you a cuppa but I was out learning how to play Bridge (still no Omar Sharif yet - sigh).

Are are you boasting of a new laptop?

Laptops do have a mind of their own. I remember being dismayed when my first laptop went AWOL and wouldn't respond to any command. I didn't know how to switch it off - I was on mains power and when I pulled the plug it just switched to battery mode. Very fightening I thought it was going to take over the house and start WW3 overnight. Isn't modern technology fascinating?

Go get another cat, and I'll hire Albert Hall if I can find him.

lady thinker said...

Sharon - sorry i missed you there - must be because you are becoming a shadow of your former self. Nice to meet you over here. I'm glad you were surprised to find yourself on my June blogs.

merry weather said...

By the way - how do you know I'm not as cute as Nora? I could be all furry and big-eyed too you know....


lady thinker said...

Merryw = I thought you had feathers and a big beak!! ;-)