Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Meme for the Bookish

Merri tagged me the other day. I thought I might have to think up some more truthful, embarrassing or quirky facts about myself and expose them on my blog. But no - this is different, it has a form of randomness to it ... once you've selected the book.

Here are the rules:
Step 1 – take a book from the book shelf.
Step 2 – turn to page 123.
Step 3 – read and write out the 5th sentence.
Step 4 – tag 5 more people.

I have 3 bookcases. So first I had to choose which set of shelves to attack. I discarded all the encyclopedia, the books on 'How to Play Bridge' or any self improvement books such as 'How to Win Friends and Influence Money'. I was left with the choice between a book from all the books purchased but as yet unread or selecting an old favourite.

In the end I chose a very old favourite -
Lord Chesterfield's "Letters to His son and Others" a paperback version published by Dent ISBN 0 460 11823 4

"He sometimes affects hard words by way of ornament, which he always mangles,like a learned woman. A man of fashion never has recourse to proverbs and vulgar aphorisms; uses neither favourite words nor hard words; but takes great care to speak very correctly and grammatically, and to pronounce properly, ..... . "
As you can see from the excerpt which is taken from page 123 beginning with the 5th sentence [along with this page of ' quotes'] these letters were from a very different age; written by a Gentleman.
I now nominate the following to take up this meme and, if they have the time to, run with it:

If you call in and read this and want to take part please feel free to do so.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I will take you up on it. Thank you! Merri I think tagged me with this one already so I will now just do it twice since I still owe her one! LOL. :) Thanks for thinking of me. I hope you are well. Hugs to you!

Stinking Billy said...

I hate to say this, but you have just given my a subject for a post. Bye! ;-)

Can Bass 1 said...

Well, well, well. I'm learning such a lot since joining all of you good blogging people. I have a book; I have a page 123 and I have the fifth sentence. What do I do next?

Maggie May said...

I will add the meme to one of my posts before too ling!

merry weather said...

Thank you Lady T. I'll enjoy this!

Lord Chesterfield's letters eh? I have followed the link to Wikipedia - hmm, very interesting. I've never heard of him before. Are "Chesterfield" sofas named after him I wonder?

I should imagine you are someone who favours wit and brevity very well - do tell us more about what's on your bookshelves, I'd love to know :)

Maggie May said...

I have don your meme! It is at the end of my latest post, A Quiet Place.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun one - here is mine.