Thursday, 5 June 2008


I've hardly had time to put fingertips to keyboard these last few weeks. I came on today to post a quick link to a petition and then couldn't resist popping out to see some old friends. Then just when Ii should be in the kitchen and starting to prepare an evening meal I peeked at my Stats counter. I felt awful when I saw that a few loyal blog friends had continued to pop in to see what if any news from me and there was none.

I am out - again - tomorrow but hope to catch up with blogging over the weekend. To tell you why I've been so short on time. Meanwhile please accept my apologies.


Anonymous said...

Penny, I have tagged you; just a fun and easy book meme..
Only if you want to!
Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, came over from Billy's blog. I too think it's disgraceful that our rural surgeries are under threat. I signed a petition last week in my own surgery. It makes me foam at the mouth, it really does. The decision is just another pie in the sky that hasn't been thought through.

Thanks, Crystal xx

Maggie May said...

You are in a social whirl! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing well. You are allowed to have a life, dear Penny. Don't mind us - we just like to drop in on friends we haven't seen for a bit. LOL. Anyway, hope you are busy with good and happy things. Check in when you can - no pressure though. Hugs to you!

merry weather said...

Is it that fabulous manicure that's preventing you from typing then? Seriously, hope it's not something more serious...

Don't worry about me, I sat back and watched a bit of TV while I was here - starting with the kittens and finishing with the rubber man - Good Lord!

Well, I'm off now, in spite of my best efforts I can't actually put your kettle on, shame!

lady thinker said...

Thank you Merri - I'll be over soon to check it out.
Nice to see you Crystal... and Maggie May... and teeni (vtroom)

Merryweather, your latest post gave me the link to my favourite pianist on my latest very short offering -