Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Peace and Calm

No - this is definitely not a view of my garden. How I wish! These photos were taken of the garden at Burrow Farm, Dalwood, near Axminster in Devon.


merry weather said...

It looks like heaven from here, sigh!

Good luck with your journey - many steps - I'm sure - but you will do it won't you? Allow yourself to be yourself?

You're a lovely person, whoever you are... I'm recalling your "Who am I?" remark on mine... Actually that haunts me for some reason.

Hugs :)

lady thinker said...

Sorry Merryw
- don't let it haunt you - it's just that I have felt snowed under with worries and troubles - I've forgotten how relaxed and in control I used to feel. I'm trying to regain my equilibrium ...