Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Weighed Down

I feel weighed down and hardly have the energy to think of weight issues. I can see that some, well most, of my diet problems are caused by emotional eating. Stress, anger, frustration and sorrow all make me eat more than I need. I can see that I need to express or resolve these feelings.To find some way where food is not used as a comfort factor.

As it is I'd welcome a large glass of red wine this evening. I am upset and angry. I'm sure a glass would soothe me. But it would make me hungry and then I'd eat more. Life sucks.


teeni said...

Aw, Lady Thinker, I know the feeling and it stinks. I am overweight msyelf and it is depressing because I used to be so tiny all my life. But I'm trying to get back into eating better. I think the real trick is the exercise because that helps forgive some of the slips I have when eating. I need to get motivated more. Music usually helps so I now have an Ipod and need to just get using it again. A jumprope or hula hoop is always cheap and fun too. Okay, well, I think I cheered MYSELF up a little. I hope I helped you too. If not, look back one post to see those lovely pictures you posted. They are absolutely fabulous! :) Hugs to you!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Maybe this will cheer you up?

lady thinker said...

Thanks to you both.