Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Brown Fiddles While Britain Freezes

While Gordon Brown and Darling Alistair are tinkering around the edges of this depressive recession they appear to be equally worried about the obesity epidemic, MP's expenses on "second homes" and climate change or global warming (during the coldest winter for decades) .

We are being nagged to turning our heating down. Fit long life energy saving lightbulbs. Well bugger that. I fitted 4 energy saving lightbulbs. They take so long to warm up I've left the room before I can see where I'm going. They also fail to emit any warmth so I have to have the heating on 3 degrees higher. The 'long life' bulbs are less than 2 years old and show signs of being less efficient and slower than when first fitted.

I am now tracking down stockpiles of the old fashioned incadescent bulbs and have boxes of them stored in the loft. I don't see why these are not considered long life bulbs. In our previous house we had many of the old fashioned original bulbs that we'd fitted when we moved in 1982 still burning brightly in 1999 when we left.

Global warming? not according to all scientists. These are the experts who obviously do not have any vested interests in companies making wind turbines, energy saving lightbulbs, solar panels etc. If you believe that Maggie Thatcher was often right then in her time the view was earth is heading towards a new ice age. In which case the local councils and highways dept. had better buy in the snow ploughs and plenty of gritty rock salt before the prices rocket.

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