Wednesday, 25 February 2009

University Challenges

University Challenge 2009 final was a cliff hanger. Now while everyone has been casting aspersions on Ms Trimble for [a] being very knowledgeable, intelligent and extremely fast on the buzzer and [b] her looks. I would just like to boast that over the last couple of weeks I have actually beaten her several times to the answer. It's harder playing at home as your answer can only be accepted if you have shouted it out loud enough well before it is answered by one of the team members.

Many of us have loads of facts and information stored in our brains. it's the retrieval system that can be faulty. Ms Trimble displays a phenomenal retrieval of her archive system. Mines not bad either. For a pensioner.

1 comment:

Robert said...

You're obviously much cleverer than I. I could only answer about 5% of the questions. Well...I COULD answer about 95% of them if you gave me 5 hours & a computer connected to the internet...

Congrats on achieving pensionerhood. Yes, I've invented that word, but it seemed appropriate.