Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Help Please Information Wanted

Help Please - Information Wanted on the wherabouts of St Billy aka Stinking Billy.

I came on this afternoon and wanted to read some of my favourite bloggers butI've been unable to access St Billy's pages. All I can get is a page which says Invited readers only. St Billy - please invite me to be a reader.

update half an hour later: I emailed St Billy to ask if he was having technical problems. Then I had a brainwave. I Googled Stinking Billy "Goodbye" an this is what I found in the 'cached pages' rather than create a link I will cut and paste the cached page here so that anyone coming late to this post will know what has happened. I'm sad . . . I've also retained the blogs that St Billy linked to - there may be other bloggers like me who want to keep up with some of his 'harem'.

Stinking Billy
A 74 year-old retired Fire Officer from Northumberland who enjoys writing with a splash of irony. Main interests these days are blogging, e-mailing and Bridge, in that order.
Sunday, 1 February 2009

All good things must come to an end, and this is the final post of Stinking Billy. There, now, don’t any of you go upsetting yourselves because it’s not such a big deal. Not even any scandal or story attached to my decision, just par for the course for Billy.I have said here more than once that I am by nature mercurial, a ‘hit and run’ and ‘keep moving’ merchant, and I guess I have just come to the end of this particular tether. I feel sad, sure, but I will find something else to take the place of this amazing hobby of blogging, and off I will go again, you’ll see, or rather you won’t, I guess.You have all been wonderful to know and my life is all the richer for having met you, if you know what I mean, not least the treasured members of my harem (every woman who is either a ‘follower’ or a link on my blog-list). Was there ever a luckier sultan than me?I can’t deny that I have had my favourites, but to mention names would only be invidious and I have no intention of going there. I will miss every one of you, but then I do have a penchant for wearing hair-shirts. Yep, I am expecting to feel a little pain, and that will prove something, right? I’m not sure what, but I am always confident that providence will somehow compensate me for being so brave. ;-) Let it a big chunk of money this time

Finally, you are welcome to call in on Mrs Billy and me here in Seahouses for a coffee and a chat anytime you are up this way. Don’t leave it too late, though. We may be gone from here by mid-summer but, then, there are still no signs of the housing market picking-up. If you do fancy dropping in you can contact me via e-mail at btippins@supanet.comNow, I will have to surprise my wife with the news and find a way of closing this site down. Lingering deaths (no, I do not have some incurable disease) are never pleasant. Good luck to you all! To my faithful harem, a special thanks. You have made a very happy man old, or something like that. ;-) Luv, Billy. xP.S. The fact that this happens to be the 400th post of a confessed target-driven airhead, is just sheer coincidence. ;-)

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softinthehead said...
Oh Billy why - wont you miss it. I know I don't post everyday but i like to know I can if something occurs to me, Will you still be reading? It's not February fool is it? You will be much missed :(
01 February 2009 11:42
Grumpy Old Ken said...
I am both saddened and shocked. You will be missed by many. Thanks for help so willingly given. Hope everything goes well for you in the future.
01 February 2009 11:49

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Robert said...

Strange & sad, too. I used to drop in on him periodically.

Blogging has brought me some fine friends whom I would miss if I were to retire.

ladythinker said...

After a long break Stinking Billy started to blog once again and a link can be found on my sidebar.