Saturday, 7 February 2009

Jeremy Clarkson We Love You

Jeremy Clarkson - We love you - I do hope the BBC and all the other folk who are leaping on the 'Whingers Band Wagon' realise that there are far more worrying things in our world today than taking any notice of your non-PC comments.

I cannot believe it . . . Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble for reference he made to the 'Goblin King' in a press conference in Austalia. So many people appear to have taken offence in some way. I find Jonathan Woss very offensive. So I stop watching or listening: problem solved.
But even the RNIB spokeswoman has issued a statement. What has happened to everyones sense of humour? If we all want to call the PM Gordon Brown Cyclops - why not?? I also lost an eye. But 'in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king'. If we can't laugh at the things in life that scare or annoy us then I'm sure we'll become depressive psychos and turn to violence. I'm practically taking to the streets with a meat cleaver as I type... gggrrrh

Jeremy Clarkson is one of the few people to make me laugh out loud. He's Outrageous. But funny. Whatever he says I don't go believing his every word on lorry drivers, the Welsh, the Scottish, James May(Cpt Slow) and calling Richard Hammond 'the hamster' . Mind you I could object to that. Richard is far more attractive than any hamster . . .

God knows there is so little fun in the world today. No wonder everyone feels glum. What with the Credit Crunch, low interest rates (particularly gruelling for savers where we almost have to pay the banks for taking care of our hard earned savings). And now anyone who tries to crack a joke there is some individual or organisation that leaps on the 'Offensive Band Wagon' . . ye gods If you feel as I do then email the RNIB here: and tell them what you think.

I thought it was bad enough in the early 1990's when a work colleague was 'disciplined' for making a reference to a MANhole cover . . . ye gods. I thought that was bad but I just cannot believe it . . . the world is galloping towards a deep depression financially and mentally and all people in 'authority' can do is complain and/or discipline some poor victim for having a sense of humour. HUH!

Here endeth my rant . .


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link.

The Economic Voice said...

Who cares what a curly haired, middle-aged fool thinks or says? Well that's what the rest of the cabinet are saying anyway.

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, nice one. I wouldn't dream of addressing you as cyclops! ;-)

ladythinker said...

Now how did the Economic Voice know that I'm curly haired (late) middle age fool?? - Oh I see . . they mean Jeremy Clarkson.

It's a pleasure Mark

St Billy - you can call me anything ;-)