Monday, 1 October 2007

Liberal Dems

You may have noticed that although I've had a go at the Gordon Brown and David Cameron's Conservatives over the last couple of days that I did not mention anything about the Lib Dems during their conference week. Well no. I didn't. What is there to say?
Menzies 'Ming' Campbell seems a nice enough old codger but he looks far, far older than My Man who is only 3 years younger. My man is in appalling health and really unfit. So how fit is Ming who looks about 15 years older than MyMan? Who else is there in the party with any real standing since Shirley Williams and David Owen retired? Nuff said.


Mark Wadsworth said...

The Big Three are all the same mish mash of corrupt badly thought out rubbish. So pick from Green Party or UKIP, really, at least they've got some sort of principles.

lady thinker said...

During my time I have voted for them all. Sometimes becasue the candidate appears an honest politician and worthy of support. I'm inclined to go for people. If I was still living in Glos County I would vote for David Drew (Lab) - an independent minded MP. Here in east Devon we have Hugo Swire (Con)- no comment. Come a general election I'm not sure what options will be on the ballot paper - but doubt we'll see a greenie in this neck of the woods. Maybe a UKIP.

lady thinker said...

Oh dear i see one of the links has failed. Originally 'ming' linked to a fake Ming Vase - but now the link seems to have reverted to several items of chinese porcelein which up for sale. It all seems to be some kind of blogging Freudian Malapropism!