Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Will the Real Richard Madeley Stand Up?

Well, Clever Dick seems to have a competitor. I don't know if he has seen this posting on the Celeb's Blog Spot. They can't have both been written by Richard Madeley - surely? One of them must surely be an imposter.


Richard Madeley said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Judy was appalled that I wasn't being given the right credit. It's not as though my blogger address is hard to remember.

Stinking Billy said...

Penny, you are moving too quickly for me. Re your last three posts:

a) Richard Madely always came across as a bit too smug for me, and I applaud his impersonator(s).

b) Red spade (and I hate gardening with a vengeance).

c) Get into Bridge, stick at it, no matter what. It's a great game and you meet some lovely people.

Misssy M said...

Thanks for bringing the Official Richard Madley blog to my attention- quite excellent. I will make sure my colleague Kayessjaykay who wrote our Madely post checks it out. Then they can both fight it out barechested in a ring and we can all watch.

Oh Madeley's chest...ughh!

Misssy M (The People who Don't Blog But Should ring-misssstress)

merry weather said...

A Clip of his Bits - how marvellous, RM is an endlessly rich seam to mine.

Psst, LT, re Omar Sharif + Bridge - er, he's dead isn't he?? Maybe he had sons... x

lady thinker said...

St Billy - sorry just being speedy to give everyone something to read on this page as no blogging this weekeend while I gossip and giggle with a visiting long standing girlfirend...

Dear Lil Sis - Merryw = I'm sure I would know if Omar Sharif had died - I assure you I not heard this - he must be alive and well [but a bit old] playing bridge somewhere .... sigh ..

MissyM - no problems but would hate to have Clever Dick sue you fight it out barechested will be far more interesting than a court case