Sunday, 21 October 2007

Save Us From Global Warming

Rather than all of us being forced into vegetarianism or drinking Utterly Horrible Milk - does anyone know whether the levels of methane [and/or any other gaseous substances] that emit from Parliaments have ever been measured? Maybe we should all propose a cull of MP's.

Now I wouldn't tar all MP's with the same brush and like Phoenix the cow I would wish to reprieve a few. I may not agree with their political point of view but I do admire their integrity, their independence and their honesty [ignoring whether they are/are not faithfull to their spouse].

  1. Frank Field
  2. David Drew
  3. William Hague
  4. David Davis
  5. Mingie Campbell
  6. Malcolm Riffkind
  7. Boris Johnson

The last one is only on the list because he makes me laugh - he may be a good MP - I wouldn't know. I can also think of a few more who are now retired and for the record would like to add:

Betty Boothroyd

Tony Benn

David Owen

Shirley Williams

Margaret Thatcher

Are there any others you think should be added to the list for reprieve?

Update on 30th October - how embarrassing I saw Malcolm Riffkind on TV yesterday and it wan't the man I had in mind. My man was a wee bit smaller and neater - did I mean Norman Fowler - maybe?


Around My Kitchen Table said...

You're far too kind! There should be NO exceptions - cull the lot!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Scrap William Vague and insert Kate Hoey.

merry weather said...

I like the methane image! and would include Mo Mowlam - I always had time to listen to her when she was alive.

Oops - on the subject of the living - Omar is still with us, you're right again (of course!) - don't know where I got that idea from. How's the bridge thing going anyway? I bid 2 Diamonds, or something along those lines... :)

lady thinker said...

AMKT - you are being too harsh.
Mark - I refuse to scrap poor vague billy - but agree Kate Hoey.
Merryw - I agree re Mo Mowlam but unfortuantely she has already been called to higher office so doesn't qualify. Re Omar - I know I know - I am a Know it All - afterall! Bridge lessons not started yet - technical hitch - they canelled UFN. I'm studying books though.

Winchester whisperer said...

Scrap Rifkind and replace him with Ann Widdecombe. Rifkind took a plum seat and refused to serve in DC's shadow cabinet because he wasn't made Shadow Foreign Sec.

lady thinker said...

Right - didn't know about Riffkind - agree re Ann but feel lately with all her TV appearances not sure if she'd count as a real MP - and she's retiring soon.

toby said...

I would add the following to your reprieve list:
Ed Miliband/Balls
Tessa Jowel
Ruth Kelly
Lembit Opik
David George Camerosborne

and from the ranks of the retired:
Ken Livingstone
John Prescott
John Major
Edwina Currie
Lord Archer (was he ever an MP?)

...ooh! I can see steam rising over Sidmouth! :)

lady thinker said...

Tobeee - I'm speechless!!