Wednesday, 24 October 2007

By Gum ..

It isn't half sore. I went to the dentist earlier as I've had some tooth ache. Well not some - all of them ache and also inflamed gums. Thankfully it's not toothache and it's not the usual over sensitive teeth. I've sinusitis again and a sensitivity/virus that has affected my mouth. Not one to miss an opportunity I was then sent in to see the hygienist- who had a half hour spare - it was £50 this time - how's that for inflation? I'm sure she knew just how much I enjoy using those little itty bitty tooth brushes (which she called bottle brush!). When I told her I just could not get it between my back most teeth she upped and found me another to add to my collection. This is a little green right angled job. So I now have a wide, varied and colourful range of toothbrushes. It takes me simply ages just to brush my teeth - it's a good job I'm retired. At least now I wont have to see the dentist, or his toothbrush seller, for another 6 months. Meanwhile I'll have to start saving - who knows how much it'll cost by the time my next visit is due.


teeni said...

Ahh, I have one of those little "bottle brushes" also. So tiny, so cute. Such a pain to brush teeth. LOL. But I guess it's better in the long run. :)

Winchester whisperer said...

Blame the Govt for the demise of the NHS dentists

merry weather said...

Yes, so true, cleaning your teeth becomes a kind of hobby once the hygienist has had a go at you. Hope the sinusitis has cleared up? I get that sometimes, terrible headaches - poor you :).

lady thinker said...

Hi teeni - american teeth and dentistry is legendary - but I think old england may be catching you all up now.

Winch whisp - I blame the Govt for EVERYTHING.

Merryw - more teeth ache than headaches this time. x