Thursday, 12 July 2007

Pearly Whites

I went to the dentist today. It was a new private dentist. My old NHS dentist has retired. I had the pleasure of paying £55 just to have my mouth inspected and mapped. I'm relieved to say I didn't need any treatment. But I was sent over to see the hygienist. For which I had to pay £35. Modern private dentists obviously don't de-scale and polish. After the hygienist had prodded and probed and scraped she sent me off with a set of little teeny weenie itsy-bitsy interdental toothbrushes: cost £2. She told me that the wee brushes would ensure that I had dislodged any 'day brie' left between my teeth. I think she meant food particles. I always imagine debris as being bricks and concrete. I am to return to see the hygienist again in six months time. Thankfully I don't have to see the dentist again 12 months. I will be grinning widely over the next few weeks just to make sure everybody can admire my nice clean white teeth. I do like to get my money's worth.


Merri said...

LOL @ "day brie"!!!!
I don't like going to the dentist, but as the old saying goes, " An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" (or something like
It's shocking what they charge, too!

The thinker said...

Hello Merri -- glad you popped over again for a laugh. So it is not just in the UK where the charges are high to visit a dentist.

The weather is still shockingly wet this side of the world - hope it's better weather with you. Have a nice weekend.

Poetess said...

Dentists!! A sore subject.