Monday, 9 July 2007

Reading Group Homework

I'm still here. I've just been rather busy of late. And now I have to get on and read "A Short History of the Tractors of the Ukrainian" for discussion at the book group meeting on Friday afternoon. I want to appear an intellectual. I don't want to have to bluff. I don't want to appear like a menopausal air head. So I'd better read it. I've just collected our next book this afternoon. "Bookseller of Kabul" and almost started on that instead. I am very undisciplined sometimes.


Poetess said...

Hi Thinker

Reading groups, I need to look into that. I am sure I would love it.

Don't fancy the Tractor book. But I didn't think I would have enjoy Frankinstein and I loved it.

Have you found that with the books you have had to read?


rilly super said...

we have a reading group in the village thinker, although probably mainly because the locals can't afford a copy each

it is possible to look intellectual without having read the book though, just look at the guests on Newsnight Review...

The thinker said...

Poetess: I started the Tractor book - funny so far - you probably would enjoy it. Have read lots of books i wouldn't have chosen - some have been wonderful and a few duds.
Rilly - I think you should start up a reading group. You are such a good organiser. Our group is part of the Devon County Council and we borrow mulitple copies over an 8 week period via the local library. Although we meet in a coffee shop and buy one coffee [each] which lasts 2 hours [like teenagers] we don't have to buy the books which is a great help for us poor pensioners. I'll think on the idea of not reading but just looking intellectual ... I'll print off the review from the internet and pretend it's my own work - after all the Govt do it - all the time [WMD etc]

Lizzie said...

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Gosh, TH, isn't it just great to be somewhat undisciplined & all?

P.S. Rilly - how is it posible to contrive to look intellectual? And why, TH, would we want to anyway? Hmm.. just a thought..

The thinker said...

Thank you for calling in Lizzie. Nice to see you here. I think I feel a little guilty when I'm undisciplined, as I still don't feel that I have really retired.