Sunday, 15 July 2007


I am covered in embarrassment.I went over to visit Lizzie, as I was very excited and wanted to tell her about my award. I didn't realise that she's had a death in the family and that they are still grieving. I made my apologies, and then explained why I had called unexpectedly.

It reminded me of the time I'd called at a lovely old cottage near Malmesbury to offer some help to a gentleman. The district nurse had referred him to social services a few weeks previously. I arrived at the appointed time in order to assess his needs for help from the Home Care Service. I was greeted at the door by a very homely lady, gave my name and then invited in. She insisted on giving me a cup of tea and proffered a sandwich. This was pretty unusual. But when she asked whether I was friend or family I explained to her why was there. She thought that I was one of the mourners arrived to attend the old gentleman's funeral. She was a kindly neighbour; there to prepare the tea in advance as his family didn't live in the locality. I'm glad that I was able to take my leave before the family did return. I was rather embarrassed. And annoyed the district nurse had not contacted me again to tell me that her referral of a three weeks ago was now no longer necessary.


Poetess said...

That is embarrassing.

Great post. congratulations on your schmooooze award.


merry weather said...

Hi Thinker, how are you doing I'm just cruising, not blogging -

Congrats on being a Schmoozer!

I was arrested by these words:
"the time I'd called at a lovely old cottage near Malmesbury"
Crikey - I grew up in Malmesbury! I tell you, there is a bond between us - gasp! Happy Monday!

The thinker said...

Poetess - thanks.
Lovely to see you again Merryweather - glad work not worn you to your knees - yet! Well now Malmesbury - how strange. What a co-incidence. Maybe I put in Home Help for your mother when you were a baby. Home Care traditionally used to help during the first few weeks when mothers' returned home with new born. But that 'luxury' was scrapped when the Govt deemed it to be cheaper to care for the old folk in their own home (rather than incarcerate them in an old folks home)with Care in the Community .... but there you go ... that's another tale of slipping standards and mis-management to be saved for another rainy day. Meanwhile new mothers could just go hang ... Watch this space ...