Tuesday, 24 July 2007

And Who Care's..

And Who Care's if Dave Cameron is in Rwanda? And that he has time to continue to blog from there. I care. And I'd care even more if I was a constituent of his. I'd be a great deal 'miffed' on his continuing to take a trip to Africa while I'm fighting to keep the floods from my door. He's far too much like Tony Blair. Concentrating on Press image. No substance. Why can't the shadow Foreign Sec go and do all the business overseas? What's a Foreign Sec for if not to see to all the overseas stuff? I feel quite sorry for Gordon Brown. He's certainly had a great deal to contend with during his first few weeks as PM. I'm glad that - so far - he continues to be 'natural' - no press gimmicks. If an election was called tomorrow I might just vote Labour. But then again I might just scrawl 'none of them' over my ballot paper. As for the 'Cash of Honours' case - Well Perleaze! All they said is no charges would be made as they 'could not prove' conclusively and are unable to guarantee a conviction. They didn't say not guilty. Didn't Lord Levy look just like that cat? No not the Cheshire cat with the wall to wall grin - but Macavity?

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Mopsa said...

I thought I had written that post - completely share all sentiments and roared with laughter at the Guardian piccy of Levy - quite hysterical. The caption was soothing but the image shouted guilty as large as life.