Tuesday, 24 July 2007

It's a Wonderful Life Virtually

So - to create the wonderful life along with the wonderful 'me' all I have to do is join Second Life. Where I can buy 'things' online from land to ? anything I need. What would I need 'virtual' land for? Why would I need more hassle in my virtual life - I already have enough hassle in the real life. I suppose I could try and create the 'perfect' life. But how will I feel if the virtual perfect life ends up a mess and I end up a loser? Wouldn't I then feel a real double tosser loser? Second Life has its own economy system and deals in Linden dollars! You can read the economic stats here.
Do you think Gordon Brown was a member when he was chancellor? I don't think he has time now he's Prime Minister. I bet Second Life is making real money for a real people somewhere.


Poetess said...

Good greif. What will they think of next. I can barely manage this life without an extra one to sort out too. We really could get completely lost in cyber space with blogland and second life.


Merri said...

so did you join?
I belonged for a while to a site called Cyber town(similar idea but not as fancy)
It was free and then THEY got greedy and started charging.
It consumed too much time..
(so now I blog instead..lol)

The thinker said...

Hello Merri - noI haven't -so far -but come the winter when the weather may get worse than now?! I may sign up to the free version to get an idea of what the yoof of today enjoy. I also like to amaze my nephews and niece with my internet knowledge.

Merri said...

LOL good for you!
LOL at the yoof...
keep them amazed, it's good for them!