Saturday, 21 July 2007

Careless Driving in Floods

I'm thankful that we've not been affected by flooding in this part of the country. But watching all the news I was amazed at the number of abandoned cars. I also couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some residents having to appeal to drivers to drive S L O W L Y down their flooded street. Many drivers in large 4x4 just drove through at a normal pace and created bow waves which increased the amount of flooding in the houses. So Selfish of them. Why do drivers of 4x4 give the impression that 90% of them are pig ignorant, lack manners and are bad drivers. For a start many of them couldn't reverse into a parking space to save their lives. They also appear to be unable to turn left without sweeping across the middle of the road first. I assume it's to increase the angle of attack. Is it they can't judge where the kerb is? Or Can't they afford power steering? Does it come as an optional extra on 4x4's?

Any way for those of you unfamiliar with driving down minor roads that are like streams or rivers here are a few tips:
  1. Do not follow the vehicle in front closely - you want to avoid any bow wave s/he makes.
  2. Drive as closely to the middle of the road as is possible
  3. Drive as slowly as possible - avoid the bow wave from anyone driving in the opposite direction - most country folk will take alternate turns to drive through a flooded area
  4. Most importantly Engage the lowest gear possible - keep the revs high and steady - advance slowly - if necessary slip the clutch a little
  5. Remember to brake when clear of the water to help dry the brakes out
  6. For more comprehensive advice click this link
  7. Finally when I lived in Goucestershire if a motorist soaked a pedestrian they were often charged or cautioned about driving without due care and attention or consideration to other road users. [see item 12].


rilly super said...

thinker, water seems to cause the disappearance of common sense in some people. In Weardale the ford at Stanhope is famous for people getting stranded trying to cross whilst the river is in spate (even though there is also a bridge)and the rescue people responsible for the Northumberland Coast that includes the Holy island tidal causeway also get their fair share of people who think they are Canute.

The thinker said...

Hi Rilly - I know just what you mean. There is a ford in Sidmouth where motorists cross the river Sid - you wouldn't believe how many of them of hit the water and turned left to try and drive up river!! Of course they have now had to put marker posts up - destroyed the scenic beauty but stopped idiots following the sat nav instructions immediatley instead of waiting to turn left on the road when they are out of the river!