Saturday, 14 July 2007

UFO's Over East Devon

As the sky started to darken I noticed the light, heading straight towards me. I assumed it was an airplane circling, waiting to land at Exeter airport. But as the light slowly came closer, I realised I couldn't hear any engine. I opened the window and listened to see if it could be a hovering helicopter. There was still no sound. As I was trying to figure out what the strange light could be it suddenly changed direction, and moved away at lightning speed. I rushed to grab the binoculars. As I careered out of the front door trying to focus on the distant light I wondered whether I had actually seen an unidentified flying object. The light had disappeared, and it seemed very strange and eerie. Is this the kind of happening that people report to 'those in authority'? As I was about to go back indoors I saw it again. There, the light again, high in the sky - on the same slow flight path.

As I focused the binoculars on it I could see that it was some kind of flying lantern that had been released from one of the nearby fields. It obviously followed a wind current and slowly drifted towards me. But coming across a cross wind caused it to suddenly shoot away at right angles like a speeding bullet. Every two minutes, another lantern was released. I watched 7 in total. They were rather beautiful to watch. I wondered what their release celebrated. Whether it was a joyous or a sad occasion. Someone on a nearby hill released the windblown lanterns one by one and the two of us watching as they disappeared from sight into the darkening night sky. I didn't hear that anyone else had seen them. and there was certainly no mention of a strange happening in the evening sky in the local news. I wonder how far they flew before their magical light was extinguished. I don't know if I was relieved or disappointed that it was no longer an UFO.


Merri said...

Hi thinker! That must have been so pretty and other worldly indeed!
I have nominated you for an award!
Come and visit for the details!

The thinker said...

OOh Merri - how exciting - I'm on my way ....