Saturday, 29 September 2007

Dear Gordon

Dear Gordon Brown,

I understand, from the gossip that is flying around everywhere, that this weekend you are giving serious thought to whether or not you should call a 'snap' election. I thought you might like to take into consideration the views of Mrs Almost A Pensioner, of East Devon.

I like the fact that you appear a straightforward kind of man. Plain speaking; boringly so. You don't keep flashing your dentistry at us all the time. You don't have charisma. You appear to be a man of conviction. These are good points. These are what make you so popular in comparison to the bumbling naive boy David.

The polls look good. More people would "trust you in a crisis" than they would Dave Cameron. This sounds like the YouGov question I had which asked who I would like to cover my back if I was fighting for my life in a trench. I ticked the box for you Gordon. But as I'm unlikely to be in a trench fighting for my life in the near future - then be assured that this answer doesn't mean I would vote for you come polling day.

I still can't get out of my mind that for such a 'clever' Chancellor you sold off this country's Gold reserves at it's lowest price for years. Have you seen the price of gold this week? It doesn't appear to me to have been at all prudent. In fact it appears to me rather as short-termism. Much has been quoted of your clever management of the economy. But do you think we have all forgotten all the Nation's goods you sold off to finance the public spending? We also remember all the 3G mobile phone airwaves made available and sold for billions - regardless of whether or not mobile phone signals are a health hazard or not. Then there is the fact that you robbed so many thousands of people of their pension savings by lifting £5billion every year for the Treasury. From inheriting a wealthy pension savings culture to ruin within less than 2 years - that is some kind of record, I suppose.

Now you are making everyone turn to digital TV. This despite the fact that LCD and Plasma TV's would add to the global warming effect you all appear to be so worried about. But really what makes you so keen on his new technology is the profit you can gain from selling off the redundant analogue airwaves.

We also don't forget that your 'word is your bond', but only until the next election has been secured. For example giving pensioners an extra £200 assistance towards council tax then removing it in the next budget following election. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the recent grand announcement for help reduce council tax bills for our armed forces serving abroad isn't rescinded once the forthcoming election is over. It looks very much as if you are buying votes from the armed forces this time rather than the pensioners. Probably because you know you have squandered the trust of pensioners.

I also think that just as you no longer think we should be allowed to have the promised referendum on the New European Treaty I also wouldn't be at all surprised if suddenly you announce that your famous 5 economic tests now show that it is right for Britain to join the Euro. It may be that only England are taken into the the Euro. The Scots and the Welsh seem to be developing as entirely different nations now - they just want to continue to be funded by the English.

It may be, by now Gordon, that you are beginning to think that, although I am thankful that Tony Blair has disappeared from our sight - for which I do heartily thank you - you may be getting an inkling that there is no way I would trust you and therefore will not be voting for you. You're right. I wont. Regardless of how truthfully I answer any YouGov Poll question.

If I was fighting for my life I would want a mugger like you protecting my back. But rather than a man of conviction I just think you are another con man. You wont get my vote.



Mark Wadsworth said...

LT, fantastic stuff, I shall link to that right now in 'Stat porn 3'.

merry weather said...

So who would you vote for LT? I don't like him much either but - ?

what do you recommend come election day big sis :)

lady thinker said...

Oh thank you Mark - kind of you to say so.
Merryw - I have an awful feeling I'll just turn up to place my vote be defacing my ballot paper. I wont not vote - not after so many women made so many sacrifices and endured great discomfort to get us the vote - but I don'f feel I can say anyone represents what I feel we need.

Some pensioners are really in dire need of assistance but far too proud to go through means testing ...

Mark Wadsworth said...

We ought to scrap means testing. It is disguised taxation. But The Goblin King loves it because it creates jobs in the means-testing industry - 18,000 in Pensions Credit alone, which has the most appalling take up rate of about 75%, precisely because people like you are too proud or intimidated. Roll on the Citizen's Pension, say I.

lady thinker said...

Well as PM GB has now declared there will be no election this Autumn - may be not next year either - then he'll have to keep the troops happier a bit longer with their £150 rebate. I hear from a friend with husband serving in forces based in Plymouth that they are asking for volunteers to go out again for second tour of duty in Afghan/Iraq ... may be if they volunteer to go it doesn't count the same as if sent out by the Govt?!