Sunday, 2 September 2007

Afternoon Tea

Our Afternoon Tea today includes a few dainty savouries, sandwiches, strawberry flan with Devon clotted cream, fruit cake and an almond cherry cake. We are entertaining local friends. For two of them it is their 41st wedding anniversary tomorrow and we are making a bit of a celebratory tea. Any excuse for a bit of jollification. While I am dressed up in my smarter clothes I'll pop over to the virtual party on Teeni's Vaguetarian blog site. Then, once I've cleared away the dishes, tidied up and kicked off my shoes, I hope to be back here. So with luck, no traffic hold ups on the cyber highway and some spare energy - maybe I will see you again later.


merry weather said...

That sounds delicious ... wish I was there.

41 years is a big achievement - Lovely you could share it with them.

I've just peeped in at Teeni's you do have the most interesting friends sis - :)

teeni said...

LOL. I'm glad Merry Weather thinks I'm interesting. I'm sorry I didn't have the party up and running earlier for you, but now that I do have it up please be sure to let your sister know she is welcome to come also - maybe she'd like to come to a future party herself. I'm planning all sorts of crazy, I mean "interesting," things and she might like it! I read her comment and forgot entirely what I was originally going to write. Oh well. This is just as good as any comment. LOL

lady thinker said...

Thanks Merryw and teeni - good to see you. For anyone who wants to visit teeni's vaguetarian blog and want to look in on her parties there is a door labled 'parties' on the tabs ontop of her blog site.