Thursday, 30 August 2007

Flowers Speak Louder Than Words

A small bunch of flowers (an intimate close up of a pelargonium) for all my friends who drop in to see whether I've posted an entry or not. I'm sorry, I'm still suffering from disturbed nights due to the full moon and am too tired to think. I actually fell asleep at 6.30 this morning and didn't rise till 9.30 so my whole day has been out of sync. It's been very quiet on the blogging front as so many seem to have gone to ground so too speak. It's a great shame that I am unable to muster some mind blowing phenomenal blog entry to capture all the refugees from such places as 'Strife in the North'. If only I could get my act together I could have readers by the thousands. As it is I think I'll soon be wending my weary way to bed. Goodnight All and I Love You"


teeni said...

I hope you can get your sleeping hours straightened out - that really can affect how you feel quite a bit and messes with your head. I've been having a hard time getting to sleep at night myself lately. Maybe the cooler season coming on will help right the situation. We can hope! ;)

Flowerpot said...

sleep well - must be horrible having your sleep pattern mucked around like that. HOpe it sorts soon.

merry weather said...

I have another friend with this problem, she can get hyper-active and sleepless around full moon. Extraordinary thing to happen - poor you!

I was just coming by to say:
when will I see you again?

I feel ignored since the adoption papers were signed Lady T, but all is forgiven now... :)


lady thinker said...

thanks for calling in teeni, flower, and little sis. I slept from 11 through to 5.30 - bliss. I should be OK now till next full moon! I must be a real lunatic.

teeni said...

Well, that is where the term lunatic came from, isnt' it? lun=moon, or something like that. Glad to know you got some much needed rest. ;)

Poetess said...

I'm sorry you are not sleeping. I didnt know about the connection between sleep,moon and lunatic.

Its all falling into place.


lady thinker said...

I know poetess - and now I've gone and got meself a lunar clock on my sidebar - so I'll not be taken by surprise when the full moon comes around again. I'll just sit up blogging into the wee small hours and the fall into bed for a short but sound sleep.