Monday, 20 August 2007


One of the comments left on my last post asked me what my 'Rising Sign' was - I had no idea what Merri meant. So I had to seek the information. I now know that I'm Pisces: Moon sign in Capricorn: Rising sign is either Aries or Taurus (born 8 a.m ' ish ) I think from the description I gleaned of bodily appearance and nature I'm inclined to believe my rising sign is Taurus. It doesn't sound as athletic as Aries which is "A strong muscular body, often accompanied by an athletic build with square shoulders, is characteristic of Aries Rising. Your face is clear-cut & forceful, & you could have a longish head, wide at the top but with high forehead & pronounced cheekbones. Your eyes are direct &piercing." This is definitely not me;

But Taurus on the other hand is so like .. "You're level - headed, with your feet firmly on the ground - so much so that not even an earth tremor could disturb your composure. A whiff from the kitchen is more likely to attract your interests, (Ha!) as you are essentially a sensuous creature. Your languid limbs speak of your need to take life easy. Your love of comfort is second only to your love of money & the pleasures it can provide. You enjoy savoring a moment & dislike being rushed. You could be quite routine- oriented. Others may see you as leisurely, introverted & affectionate, but you could come across as being lazy, greedy & dogmatic. You are all determined & stable, someone who has patience to accomplish what you set out to do. Your best trait is your steadfastness; your worst is your stubbornness. (Oh dear - it's so true - alas)

A solid, stocky body, often with a sturdy neck, is characteristic of Taurus Rising. Your head is usually round, but your squarish jaw line tends towards fleshiness (I think this refers to my double chin). Alternatively, Taurus Rising can also have a chiseled, delicate appearance. Your kind eyes appears almost cowlike in their tranquility. Your thick hair is soft & often curly. (very true - it's even curlier in this wet weather) You may have a small nose that turns up at the end. The skin of your face is soft & creamy; a dimple may emphasize your sensual nature. " (Yep, there is a dimple)

I then checked out the free chart facility at Astrolabe . where it appears quite certain my rising sign is Aries. It is here that I found the free print out is quite amazingly accurate - a warts and all interpretation. I did identify with a great deal of my good and bad characteritics. It will be interesting to see what My Man makes of the 4 page print out. I'm off to have a look at his chart now!


teeni said...

Please come to plant baby-baby shower I'm throwing at my site. It will be a much needed break for you and I'd love it if you could "attend." ;) The good news is you can "attend" without having to leave your seat!

Merri said...

LOL! It is QUITE amazing what one can learn, isn't it!
I love stuff like this!

vichchoobhai said...

I am a Taurean and the description fills the bill perfectly for me. I dont believe in astrological predictions or delineation of character based on signs of the zodiac.
But sometimes they do ring a bell !

lady thinker said...

Vich - you mean you have a dimple too? My father was a Taurean and he had dimples!