Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Guest Blog Spot

Well the Vital Statistics prize winning blogger, Vichchoobhai, has been on the top of my side bar for nearly a month now. I rather like the idea of keeping that site reserved for random 'Guests'. To be refreshed and renewed on a monthly cycle. A kind of Bed and Breakfast Blogroll. I just have to decide now how to pick such guests for the slot. I will try by seeking previously unknown [to me] bloggers who leave a comment. And then make a choice from these new sites each month. So if you are a blogging reader but don't usually leave a comment please do so. I wouldn't be looking for a reciprocal link. It's just as a means to widen the circle of interesting blogs. Meanwhile, as I have enjoyed reading Vich's blog I have 'promoted' him to a permanent link on my blogroll. I like his sense of humour.


vichchoobhai said...

Thanks Penelope I dont know how to thank u.I feel humbled !

lady thinker said...

Thank you - no thanks needed but glad you are a well mannered young man.
I dislike the word 'humble' - always have visions of Dicken's Uriah Heap.
Keep writing.