Saturday, 11 August 2007

Inspirational Blogger Award

Belatedly as I was presented with this award several days ago I would like to pass on the award for Inspirational Blogger to the following five celebrated Bloggers.
  1. 3Beautiful Things - for reminding us that however hectic life is we should remember to count our blessings
  2. Poetess - for bright pictures and poetry on a lively site
  3. Jenny's Corner - for sharing her life - with books - with us
  4. Tine's Blog - beautiful photos - interesting
  5. Cal's blog - for blogging for so long


teeni said...

Hi! I just noticed my Vaguetarian Tea Room in your list of amusing and impressive blogs. So I just figured I'd stop in and say thanks. I'll take any compliments I can get and being considered either of those things is pretty neat. Your site is pretty impressive and amusing as well. I'll be back to visit! Thanks again!

The thinker said...

Nice to meet you and to have you visit, teeni.

toby said...

.....on the subject of UFO watching, mysterious lights in the sky etc., I saw two shooting stars last night! Should be plenty more this evening if the clouds stay away. Try looking to the south-east.

Thank you for your lovely comment but I am crushed that you didn't vote for my short story. Crushed and broken. I'm never going to attempt such a thing again. Now I'll never be rich. Crushed I am.

vichchoobhai said...

Thanks, Penelope ( if i may call you so because Thinker sounds too abstract) for selecting me as the guest prize winner for the month of August. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to have been so selected. I donot know if I really deserved this prize or it is your magnanimity lavished on a novice in the blogger's world.

Whatever it is all i can say is a BIG THANK YOU

As for receiving the prize in person well, coming all the way from Mumbai India to East Devon, UK is difficult at present. But maybe in a not too distant a future I might happen to come to UK and I will certainly call on you to receive it.

Thanks again.

The thinker said...

Oh Toby - I couldnt see how to vote for your short story - sorry but i'm a silver surfer and miss these hi tech things sometimes. Thanks for calling back again.
I'll raise me eyes heavenwards later tonight.
If you wanna be rich you could give up the studies and become a Gigolo - I feel you'd be a success.

The thinker said...

Vich - it's a pleasure.

Cal said...

Thanks for the award. It's always nice to know someone out there is reading! I'll be back to visit again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the award! I just got your comment about it. This is so wonderful and unexpected. I hope I can live up to it!