Thursday, 9 August 2007

I Think Therefore .. ...

Merry Weather of the Merry Daze has very kindly nominated me for a Thoughtful Blogger Award. It is very kind of her. I am proud to accept it.

I would like to nominate the following 5 as being welcoming and thoughtful hosts when you visit their blog.

  1. Mopsa of Ramblings was the first blogger to welcome me into the community via the comments section - in the days when I was very much a newbie, floundering around and still trying to figure out how blogging, and chatting worked.

  2. Flowerpot Days - for always taking time out of a busy schedule to be welcoming

  3. 'Clever Dick' - Richard Madeley for despite being famous is down to earth and very earthy. He has an amazing wealth of knowledge which he graciously passes on to all and sundry - high and low. He tries to connect very much with his audience. Is very touchy feely. And is not embarrassed to be in touch with his feminine side.

  4. Rachel from North London - who during an incredibly trying time and also busy time with her book launch[Out of the Tunnel] still took the time out to acknowledge all messages left on her blog.

  5. Vichchoobhai for sharing his experiences as a carer ...

I hope you will all accept your award and then nominate 5 fellow bloggers in your turn.


Mopsa said...

Thank you Thinker, that is truly appreciated!I will most gladly put it on my gong shelf.

vichchoobhai said...

Thanks for selecting me as a guest prize winner for my comments on "caring"

Keep writing ! More power to your elbow !