Saturday, 25 August 2007

Only Mad Dogs...

As that old song by Noel Coward goes 'Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out in the Mid Day Sun'. That's why as this is the hottest day we've had for a while I have 'retired' indoors for an hour or two. Here';s something I prepared earlier this mroning..

I couldn't wait to share my first [and probably last attempt] at poetry.

Rose Tinted Specs And Reality.
Bright blue sky
Balmy breezes brush my skin
I admire the scene
Of long shadows
And sparkling dewy diamonds
On the early morning grass.
Peace and contentment
I fill my senses.
Shatteringly calmness
Is broken.
Utter silence and stillness
Motionless birds
Become petrified statues
When overheard the harsh cry
Of circling buzzards


lady thinker said...

I really do not know why every so often Blogger goes mental and wont - no mater how often you try - it refuses to let you put in paragraph breaks where I feel i want them. Grrrr. I had my opus so beautifully arranged too. But Blogger refuses to upload it the way I wish it to.
I don;t know how Poetess copes.
But as they say a poor craftsman blames his tools.

merry weather said...

My keyboard has started making noises every time I hit the shift key. I find computers endlessly annoying.
I like your poem, it's evocative of early morning and it strikes chords with me :)

Do you really have buzzards?

teeni said...

I enjoyed your poem. I hope you don't stop writing them. Lady thinker, Wordpress doesn't allow you to put paragraph breaks where you want either. That is strange to know it happens elsewhere too.

lady thinker said...

Yes Merry - duck - we do. We also have a regular sparrowhawk who has grabbed the odd slow blackbird. Sad 8-(. But I tell you everyone who comes to this house ends up well fed, one way or the other.
thanks for the kind commetn - so long as it's not a discordant chord!

lady thinker said...

thanks teeni - if i wasn't so filled with inertia and busy trawling the blogosphere i'd get on and complain .... Sometimes it works ok - others it just refuses to do as commanded. That's blogging life I suppose.

Mr Mans Wife said...

A beautiful poem Lady Thinker.

I have trouble with line breaks too. If you click on "edit html" and insert < br > (without spaces) where you want a line break this should fix it, and you can make the gap as large as you like by adding more of them.

Hope that helps :)

lady thinker said...

Thanks Mr Man's Wife - I'll try that out. Nice to see you here.