Sunday, 19 August 2007


I've been looking for a photo that I could use for my profile for several weeks now. I looked at an old school pictures. Fuzzy photos of me as a child on the beach or at Christmas. I even considered using a picture of my cat. I also searched high and low on the web for an image of a female version of The Thinker. But I just didn't feel happy with any of them representing me on the blog circuit. So I explored my star sign. Pisces. Dolphins, Trout and Koi. I saw gold and silver fish as jewellery. Many artists representations. Nothing suited UNTIL I found the image below. It is now posted on my profile page.
I'm not au fait with copyright over images that an artist has uploaded to a website so I've emailed the artist and requested permission to use it as such. I don't know what I'll use if she's not happy with the idea. So fingers crossed. I think it is the most beautiful expression of Pisces [with our complicated dual personality] in a watery environment that I've ever seen.


Merri said...

Nice painting Penny!
I am sure the artist won't mind...
Pisces eh?
(but what is your rising sign(ie the sign that influences the personality that affects your emotions; do you know?)

Flowerpot said...

lovely - from another Piscean!

The thinker said...

I know - it's beautiful isn't it - could just see it as a poster on my bathroom wall.
Merri - I have no idea what my rising sign is - will have to see what that is - all I know is I am very much a 'two way' 'pull you push' you type of personality. As My Man says "I wish you'd just make up your mind"! But on some things I'm very definite and decisive and am often looked to by others to make a decision (once I quickly weighed up the pros and cons that is) Now I'm off to look at how I find out rising signs etc. Thanks to both for calling in. xx