Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Roll That Ass

"Remember", he said, "All you have to do is blow. And Roll your Arse. Can you do that?"

"I think so. - But I'm not sure why I have to roll my arse?"

"No" he said - "Roll your RRRRs - while you're blowing"


I'd just bought a wooden pipe from a street trader at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. A pipe, or whistle, that imitated a blackbird singing. He'd made it look so easy. It sounded very realistic. A deep breath. A long blow and pull the end of the bird flute in and out. But apparently I had to be sure and roll my RRRRs at the same time. I never did get the hang of it. However much I rolled my arse.


Jez Bell said...

Is it different to shaking your 'rrrrs' then?!

teeni said...

You made me laugh. Great story! ;)

The thinker said...

Hello jez bell - nice to meet you - glad you dropped in. Well - when it comes to trilling like a blackbird rolling a tongue full of rrr's is quite different to shaking the old loose flabby butt!
Glad to have raised a laugh Teeni. We have to make as much fun out of our days as possible.