Wednesday, 4 April 2007


The Wife in the North had an entry about Friesian cattle. From some of the comments on her blog I realised how little I knew about where Friesianland is. I assumed Germany. I also had some vague memory of Anne of Cleeves. I'm sure there was an unkind bullying remark by Henry VIII - "the Mare of Cleeves" and wondered whether that was linked to Friesian horses. Well, I know now that Friesland was part of Holland/Germany/Denmark - that it can also be spelled as Frisian and that the cattle are actually Holstein Friesian. Isn't curiosity a wonderful thing. You never quite know where you'll end up when you go looking for information. At least I'll remember that the black and white cows I see are Holstein Friesians. It also set me awondering what were the cows i liked but just called Brown - such as in "How Now Brown Cow?" well my favourite ones are the Jersey. I just think they are the most beautiful. and from now on I'm going to try and source organic Jersey milk.

Now for anyone who is interested and not stopped reading thinking this is all very boring the Guernsey breed isn't quite as attractive in my eyes - so no picture.

We must all celebrate the fact that Tesco is to raise the price paid for milk to the British farmers. For too long they have struggled to keep their herds going for a pittance. Milk is good for you if you don't want to end up with osteoporosis. And if you want to enjoy the look of the British countryside then it wouldn't look like does for long without dairy herds grazing. There are parts of common land now where they have to torch the ground each spring to keep the undergrowth in check. I'd rather see cattle grazing than spring time bonfires. So buy milk/butter/cheese and buy British milk. It's the one with the little UK logo in an oval lozenge on the label. Look for it and check it is British - not foreign milk just bottled here.

I'm just going on to find out where Anne of Cleeves came from now.


Mopsa said...

wot - no comments? Bout time someone (all us pantry lovers)showed some appreciation!

The thinker said...

Thanks very much - just got to find out how this all works now. Am still on this rather steep learning curve. Bless you - may your pantry [if you're lucky enough to have one] overflow ..