Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A Moving Story - Latest

We've decided to stay put. Although the Estate Agents enthused about our house; about how perfect it is I know I wouldn't move in without having to decorate throughout. It's looking very tired. The garden is moving in from outside, well the wild life is. I now have a resident mouse. When it scooted out from all the pot plants yesterday evening it stopped me concentrating on Sam Tyler and the end of Life on Mars. Set me thinking that it was time to have that spring clean and to buy some sonic mouse repellants . But perhaps it would be more green to get 2 cats instead. Even following the spring clean I'm too tired too to worry about keeping it neat and tidy for possible viewings. Besides, there is nothing of interest in East Devon that would make it worth the effort of moving. Well, not that we can afford. If i were to become a £1 million winner on the premium bonds if could be a different story.The agents tell me that no-one is moving as it is too expensive. If the estate agents call the state of this place 'immaculate and perfect' then why should I go and buy another 'immaculate' place just to spend months doing it up to an acceptable standard. I may as well spruce this one up.


Mopsa said...

Oooohhh! pictures! Lovely!

The thinker said...

You're being very kind - am still experimenting with all these extra bits and bobs and slowly finding how everything works.

Anonymous said...

I rather think you mean ultra sonic repellant.