Thursday, 5 April 2007

Am I getting through to anyone?

I'm beginning to feel paranoid. I feel people are talking about me, not to me. I don't have much conversation at home nowadays. And I don't seem to be getting much on this blog either. Well - none at all. I know one friend who does read it and she's kind enough to tell me I'm clever to master all the links etc. But it's not quite the same. I still don't know whether people read this. Or what they think of it. Maybe because I lead such a restrictive life what I have to say is of no interest. I went into a few estate agents in Sidmouth but there not many properties on the market. In fact one agent told me that he has nothing to sell as no-one wants to move in town as it costs too much. He's mainly picking up properties through natural wastage i.e. someone dies or goes into residential care. Looks as if we may still be living the rural life a bit longer. Good in summer but I found this winter rather dreary and depressing. And isolating that's why I'd like to move to town. I'm drowning not waving.

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