Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Now when I was a young gal in the 60's - I felt quite safe. it was a gentler world where males treated girls with respect. My father was always full of dire warnings about what went on in a young man's mind. Well, not just his mind. But I think my innocence and trusting nature brought out the best in the males I met. Apart from being 'sensible' when travelling around London after dark and avoiding dark alleys etc I felt quite safe. But I see there is now advice that women should 'not to go out alone' in case their drink is spiked with a drug and they end up semi-comatose and being raped. Well, that's progress for you. I would have thought that, if women take sensible precautions - buy their own drinks, never accept drinks from strangers, and try to be safety aware then I don't see why they should not be free to go out alone. The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has a wealth of excellent information for personal safety. All women should read it and consider taking on board some of the suggestions. A good way to keep fit and safe for young and old alike could be to learn a self defense sport.

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