Monday, 16 April 2007

A Welcome Break Away

As my man is feeling a bit better and more able to cope at home alone, I've arranged to go and visit friends (Suffolk coastal region) and family in London and on the south coast. To get ready for a visit to the big city - the first for over 2 years - I need to shop. First for some clothes. Second, to stock the larder with easy cook meals to keep my man going for 1-2 weeks. Now it could mean that I'll have other chores to do besides shopping and packing. I have to sort my route out to fit in all my visits (the AA route finder): update the SatNav as I don't want to be caught speeding in a strange area: re-schedule various appointments and diaried events. In other words I may be rather busy fitting everything in. Therefore may be blogging less for the next 3 weeks. Then again - they do have Internet cafes in the big smoke, so I may be able to log in and post an update. But I hope to be too busy - sharing bottles of wine and giggling with my sister/ friends. Too busy to even think of blogging. When I'm not busy wining, dining and giggling I'll be tramping parts of the London Loop with the dogs.

So if I go missing for a while you'll know why. I'll be back at base camp again the 2nd week in May with tales of adventure in the big scary world of the South east where:

  • they stab you as soon as look at you
  • where my sister will tell me off for speaking to strangers
  • where she'll feel compelled to take me by the hand just to get across the road
  • but where the driving is easier because no-one is able get above 15 mph
  • where the drivers have better eyesight [unlike the drivers of Sidmouth - half of whom are driving around half blinded by cataracts.]
  • but where I may be forced to forego the twice daily shower for one every other day due to the water shortage.

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