Monday, 2 April 2007

Brown's Raid on the UK Pensions

I cannot understand why it has taken the Opposition party nearly 10 years to raise the problem of Gordon Brown's £5 bn year raid on pension funds. Yes I know they have been battling to have the information released for 2 years. Well why not shout louder about it before now? Many of us oldies have worried about this almost from the moment it was announced. I know that pensions were also affected by the fall in world markets but that's the point it was made worse. With so many pension funds failing/closing I kept expecting GB to make a statement that he would reverse the decision. I have never understood why the opposition parties didn't fight for pensioners over this issue. I've not heard them say very much about it at all. So why has it hit the headlines now?? I assume it's part of upsetting Brown's leadership chances and his potential early dash to the polls. Gordon Brown has ruined the UK's personal pensions. It is only now that the Tories are kicking up a bit of a stink. I just cannot believe in any party that only raises the issue when it is politic to do so - not in outrage at the time it starts to show in the effect it had on pensions. I think Peter Kitchen is right - they are no different - each is as bad as the other. Like poor blinkered foot soldiers in WW1 everyone is just talking about the 2p reduction in tax they don't seem to realise that in fact this is outweighed by another stealth tax. People also forget that previous to the last election G Brown promised pensioners a few hundred pounds towards their Council Tax, but after the election it was realised that it was a one off payment for that year only. GOTCHA!! Have you ever been had?

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