Thursday, 19 April 2007

I've been Found Out

I had a text last night from my niece. She says she has found me! To prove it she will be leaving a comment one day when this page proves of sufficient interest to do so.I told her she must not post as anon y mouse, she must use her second name, and she's not to call me aunt *** [my real name]. I hope then my local friends wont pick up that it is me, *** . After all I hardly had chance to gossip about them yet, have I? If I'm going to dish the dirt then I have to remain just plain Penny.


Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't difficult to find you Took about 5 mins. so think before you talk about me!

Hope you feel well after your break away.

love Lacey Dagnall

The thinker said...

Dear Lacey
How lovely to hear from you after all these years! I wouldn't dream of talking about you - as words wouldn't do you justice. I am however, amazed at your IT skills -I thought you were almost an internet virgin.

The thinker said...

There's obvioulsy a bit too much truth in this blog or I wouldn't be so easily found out. I can see that if I want to be really subversive I'll have to start a new blog and go deep under cover ... I expect it is calling my man Marcus and the dog Velvet - that for clever people who know me well - is an easy puzzle to solve.