Saturday, 21 April 2007

Bees are Buzzing Off

All this news about the death of bees and the collapse of so many beehives. Why are they blaming it all on mobile phone signals - making bees get lost and dying so far from their hives?!? Are this year's bees less intelligent than previous bees? - if this was the case then surely it would have affected them in previous years - after all mobile phones aren't exactly new technology. No I blame it on Genetically Modified crops. I bet all the scientist and huge companies that are so keen on making money out of GM crops didn't actually test out the effects on bees. I would have grown these crops in huge aircraft sized sheds and put in beehives for a few years to test out the effects on bees and other insects. It's also noticeable how everywhere you look now the awful triffid the GM Rape is everywhere taking over the countryside. It's not just killing bees its getting us humans too. Note how many new sufferers experience hayfever nowadays. How many people always have flu like symptoms as soon as the rape is in flower? Save the bees and destroy GM Crops. Pull up road side Rape plants - burn them. Save our planet because Government and Huge Biotech Companies wont.

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