Saturday, 14 April 2007

Inheritance Issues

Have I Been Here Before? Do you believe in re-incarnation? I think I may do. Apart from the usual feelings of Deja vu we are all inclined to experience at some times; when I was younger I used to have extremely strong feelings that are not so easily dismissed. As a young gal of 15 we had a family holiday in Somerset. At that age I was an eager reader of Georgette Heyer's books. So, of course, a trip to Bath was organised so that I could see the city, view the Royal Crescent, the Pump Rooms and the Roman Baths. And also to visit Bath Abbey. It was at this point I changed from the usual dreamy teenager following the adults. When it came to finding the Abbey and the Assembly Rooms I knew exactly where to go - I felt I had been here before. I unerringly led the family down the side streets until we were facing the main facade of the Abbey - and it looked just as I knew it would. Now I've either lived in the area in a 'previous life' or it is some form of 'inherited memory' from my genes. I started to research my family history a few years ago and found that my maternal great grandmother came from Timsbury which is only a few miles from Bath. My ancestors have strong links in the Somerset and Gloucestershire area. When we first moved to Gloucestershire I had a very strong sense of 'coming home'.

Apart from that experience I was also terrified when I was younger by aeroplanes flying overhead. When we were first married our home was a under a Heathrow flight path. If the wind was in the right direction I was often woken as I desperately tried to hide under the bed while a plane flew over. It made me wonder whether I had died previoulsy as a result of a bomb during the War. Or was it because my mother had experienced some frightening moments in London during the war that again this 'memory' was passed down to me via her genes, along with her grey-blue eyes?

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