Sunday, 1 April 2007

April Fool? nearly

I was reading the Sunday papers and wondered whether the Sunday Times article on people rolling around in the dirt would really lift depression?! it certainly sounds fun. and i like the idea of less cleaning but a bacterium that lifts depression? I remember several years ago reading the paper on 1st April and thinking that the 'widget' in a can of beer was the ad made up as an April fool. It sounded preposterous. Then in the same paper I found an advert for a car which boasted being able to hold in its memory various settings of seat/mirror combinations for 3 drivers. I thought this pretty far fetched too. But we are now familiar with these 2 gadgets so i was wrong that year. However, the Mail on Sunday article that claims there is to be a new environmental tax on O2 emissions and in future everyone will have to pay £5 for every BBQ - is wonderful. No guessing wrongly there - not unless there really is a Journo with the name of April Baddely-Burned.

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