Thursday, 5 April 2007

How Do They Do That?

All that blogging I mean. The more blog sites I get into I'm wondering just how do people manage to fit it in to their lives? I've made [ruined] a cake this afternoon. All because Iwas trying to get my blog sorted and a bit more interesting. What happened to the cake? Well, first of all I almost overcooked it. Then when I turned it out of the tin, being impatient to get back to this compulsive new habit - I mean hobby - I dislodged it far to quickly and almost dropped it on the floor. After juggling it like a hot potato I saved it from the dog's slavering mouth but it is a broken wreck of a thing. A poor specimen. My easiest recipe - 85% ruined. It's not good enough to put out as centre piece of the tea table for visitors so will have to provide a Waitrose version instead. As I was clearing up the mess of hot broken fruit cake crumbs I started to ponder on how other people manage to write their pages uninterrupted. I forever have dogs, people who need seeing to in one way or another. Or even when the dog and the master of the house are having an afternoon rest I get unexpected phone calls or visitors [salesmen] at the door. I'll have to think of devoting a couple of hours nearer to midnight to blogging and see how I get on then.

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