Monday, 16 April 2007

Route March Preparations

I'm putting off doing the ironing. The ironing basket is full. But this time I can't just recycle it through the wash machine again as I need some of the shirts in there to go away with at the weekend. I've made a list and a list of the lists of' things to do' in preparation for being away for a couple of weeks. I have had the car serviced, MOTed and taxed. I need to launder the car too - it's far to rural to go up to smart town places. Besides I can't see out of the windows properly. I've just been online to AA Route finder - I've just printed off my routes :
  1. from here to there,
  2. and from there to there there
  3. and from there there to there there there and back again
  4. then finally the last route - from there there to here.

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