Friday, 6 April 2007

Lost and all confused

When the show started I watched the first series of LOST . In fact I was hooked on the first series. But half way through the second series the video recordings started to mount until I was snowed under with unseen episodes. I even read the book that was supposed to have some bearing on where the series was heading. The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien. It wasn't my kind of book. But I have to say I do remember it quite clearly. I'll try and catch up with Lost one day and see how it ended. I was very fond of Sawyer who was my favourite character. Jack the Lad used to get on my nerves.

Now I was thinking of Lost recently as the BBC drama 'Life on Mars' will soon be coming to an end. I haven't watched it every week but will watch next Tuesday - just to see how it's concluded. I hope it's a proper conclusion. I want something definitely black and white, no messing - a definite ending - Sam to end up in the here and now or in the there and then,1973.

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