Monday, 2 April 2007

Laughter the best medicine

I have been dipping into other blogs recently and found the Wife In the North. As I was feeling particularly stressed this evening - after visitations from 3 Estate Agents to value our home and inform us why they are all best suited to sell our property - I had a quick peek at the Wife up North and laughed out loud. Felt better. Was then able to view the days trials with a glimpse of humour. Don't know which agent to believe. They varied in valuations by sizeable sums. One agent tells me that people aren't rushing to register their homes for sale before the HIP come into force on 1st June and the other agent is inundated with people anxious to get their property on the sales list before that date. They are very keen to get our home to sell it. They tell me that it is bright. modern, clean and immaculate. Well, it would be. I've spent the last 2 days clearing the decks, hoovering and polishing till I'm bone weary. Every drawer and cupboard is stuffed - I'll be searching all over for everything for days to come. In fact I'm thinking of taking up 'Fallout Insurance' before I open any cupboard. One thing they all agree upon. It looks very nice. In fact it looks so nice I'm tempted to stay here a while longer.

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