Monday, 16 April 2007

GoldFingers or Butterfingers Gordon Brown

This entry from my earlier blog site on Yahoo 360 on 4th March : -

"While I'm on the subject of Gordon Brown - How on earth can anyone say he has managed the economy 'well' ? Besides ruining a very good pension and savings culture in the UK; he also sold our gold reserves: at a point when gold prices were at the lowest - and he announced in advance when he would be selling - thus letting the price drift ever lower while his minions hauled it out of the vault in deepest Wales - or wherever the Royal Mint is/was. Where was the gold stashed anyway? Fort Knox maybe? "

I read in the Sunday Times yesterday [15th April ] that it was Gordon Brown's decision to sell OUR GOLD. A decision taken despite expert advice to the contrary. I'm not surprised - it made no sense to me at all at the time and I'm just surprised that people seem to forget about all his duff decisions.

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