Sunday, 22 April 2007

Hit the Road 4 a 2 week Break Away

Well - this is it. I'm off at the crack of dawn tomorrow - well, about 9.00 a.m that is. The car is so loaded down: - almost my entire wardrobe - hot weather clothes and wet weather clothes and jumpers have now been added to the pile as we seem to have returned to chilly Spring mode. And I've so many gifts and presents/bottles of wine and recycled magazines/books/CDs plants etc etc. I have everything packed in there bar the kitchen sink - I think the view from the front windscreen may be skywards rather than of the road ahead. My Man thinks I may be leaving home for good. I reassured him that is not the case. I'd be more subtle. I'd get him a gift of a luxury break away. Wave him off for a couple of days and change the locks while he's gone.


rilly super said...

have a good trip dear, and best of luck to anyone stuck behind you whilst you try and drive uphill with that lot in the back!

The thinker said...

Thank you - I did use rather a lot op fuel as I had to floor the pedal to get up to the SE but at least it was all downhill on the journey back again.